Creators Story

Ink of mind founder: Nicholas Prodromou.

Nick studied FdA Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts from 2015-17. In the middle of his second year he realised that he was ready to pursue his combined passion for illustration and graphic design. As a result of this, he created an Instagram page (By_Nick), where he began uploading his art outside of University. After several weeks of uploading, Nick found a style that he was instantly drawn to. Upon creating more works with this artistic style, it gave him a great sense of inner peace. Through this, Nick gradually found himself within his art. This led to Nick creating something close and unique to him. It helped to evolve his ideas and most recently inspired Nick to create Ink of Mind.


Ink of Mind’s ethos encapsulates the good in bad things. For example, Nick’s art responds to various matters that go unspoken in society. Nick explores topics such as mental health, particularly anxiety & depression. In addition to this, he considers the struggles of what people come across in their lives. For instance money pressures, honesty issues, alcoholism, fear and pursuing what fulfils you. Nick feels as though these subjects are sensitive and therefore hard to talk about in person. Through Ink of Mind, Nick aims to express and promote these difficult issues to help the people that are experiencing the same as him.

The Anxiety Kid

The Anxiety Kid reflects Nick’s anxiety, and the anxiety of those around him. Nick’s personal experiences’, the negative ones in particular, are embodied through The Anxiety Kid. Through this, when Nick draws The Anxiety Kid, he is also confronting those past experiences. Therefore, it allows Nick to better understand a negative experience. In turn, allowing him to progress, build upon and learn from his mistakes. The Anxiety Kid is representative of the human condition; where our flaws, imperfections and struggles are exposed and captured through Nick’s mind.